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-- Catering Menu November 2022 --

This is a guide to what we do, and do well.
Everything is 100% customisable! 

Download here!



Why are there no set prices?

We do not hold inventory across our entire menu and while this is not ideal from a forecasting point of view, it will guarantee the protein and produce at your event is purchased fresh from our suppliers across Sydney. 



I've seen it on Instagram, BBQ Pitmasters or at my favourite BBQ joint - can we order it?

There's nothin' we love more than creating amazing memories with your favourite dish. If we've never cooked it before, we will organise a personalised tasting session in your home to ensure we have exceeded your expectations. 


We've decided what we want, what's next?

We will invoice you for a 25%  non-refundable deposit (covid has changed the way we do things) and this will lock in current market prices and give you peace of mind with no extra or hidden charges. 


How do we finalise payment?

We will accept cash, bank transfer or mobile eftpos (2.6% surcharge) close to or just after your event. We'll always be discrete when dealing with payments and ensure this is not completed in front of your guests.



Allergy info
All of our items will be provided gluten free as standard (bread can be provided GF - just ask). Please bear in mind that the kitchen the menu is prepared in may possibly contain traces of gluten and every precaution will be taken to minimise contamination however, we cannot complete guarantee a 100% safe environment.  

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