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2010 - The first visit to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas


2012 - First cook on a gas vertical smoker - instantly hooked


2014 - Moved to Toronto, Canada to learn the art of low n' slow BBQ


2014 - Worked with Frank and the team at Hank Daddy's Barbecue - an authentic Kansas City style food truck and catering business in Toronto

2016 - Living in Edmonton, Canada worked with the Smokehouse BBQ crew between food trucks, catering and their flagship restaurant
        - Crosdales BBQ established


2017 - First full year of catering out of a traditional Texas style offset smoker

2018 - Second year catering and vending, menu expansion and we have a blast doing it
         - Winner of the "Most outstanding new business" in the Hawkesbury Business Awards

​2019 - Third year in and we cater such places as Perth, Hamilton Island, Melbourne, Mudgee and all over Sydney

2020 - Massive things to come with our second traditional Texas style smoker hitting the road..

2020 / 2021 - Covid...

2022 - The story is yet to be written! 

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